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  07.12.2016 Wetter Ostsee

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History of ICGC Richmond, VA

ICGC Grace Tabernacle, unlike most ICGC branches, was started by a handful of Christians from different denominational backgrounds. Through the initiative of Sam and Mavis Asare and Sister Ruth Gbesorbor, the church was started in September 2009 at the basement of the Overbrook Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia. Since then, the congregation has worked hard and humbly to become a close family.

Through the magnanimity of Reverend Charles Phillips, we began as a weekly Tuesday evening prayer meeting with five adults and four children, and grew to 26 adults and 10 children in six weeks.

Thus, the first Sunday service was held on November 15th, 2009 at the Virginia Randolph High School in Glen Allen Virginia. Our humble beginning was what drew the members together; various charitable acts by our dedicated members helped us to put together an environment, suitable for praising and worshiping our Almighty God.

Soon, our Lay members began to do various things for the first time; preaching from the pulpit, leading prayers, leading praise and worship, making announcements, and ushering, whiles continuing to grow in their ministry.

We moved to the Enterprise Meeting Center in the spring of 2010, a comfortable location for us and our children, and that’s when things started taking shape with our organization. We established a leadership team: Brother Asare, Brother Quarshie, Brother Sarquah, Brother Gatty, Sister Ama , Sister Vera, Sister Nicole, Brother Gabriel, Brother Ernest, and Sister Ruth. Together, they worked tirelessly to coordinate the various activities of preaching, financial management, ushering, children’s service, and the music department. We also had special guests like Reverend and Mrs. Agamah, who graced us with their presence occasionally, with ministration and guidance. Through such experienced guests our little congregation grew great in spirit.

Our current location at Hilliard and Hermitage has become our home, and through the Grace of God, our family will grow from strength to strength. Come, taste and see what the Lord has done and will continue to do for us.

“Ebenezer, To God be the glory!”