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Resident Pastor

Pastor Samuel Asare, affectionately called Uncle Sam, is the head of the team of Iay - leaders who together exercise oversight of ICGC Grace Tabernacle, Richmond Virginia.

Pastor Asare was introduced to ICGC in 1986 during the Open Bible Seminar, and eventually became a member in 1987.

During a camp meeting in 1997, he had an encounter with the Holy Ghost and has not looked back since then. Also, through that encounter, he discovered his gift as a barber; a talent that has brought him before many prominent people.

Pastor Asare considers the idea of being born of God, as his most valuable treasure in life and has actively participated in every discipline that qualified one to be a true member of the International Central Gospel Church: Discipleship, Basic leadership training, Covenant family leadership, Rural evangelism missions, Intercession, Help with weddings, and most importantly, served almost every ICGC pastor in his time.

He understood early the prophetic word in Malachi 3:17-18, what Jesus said in Matthew 20:27-28, and the teaching of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:5 regarding the secret of sons who serve.

Pastor Asare had most of his ministerial training through his years with the Oyibi – Adamorobe Rural Evangelism team and at the Pokuase rural church in Accra, Ghana.

Pastor Asare believes in the avoidance of power struggles among church leaders and the ability to offer willing members, the opportunity and the encouragement, to grow into their priesthood.

He is married to his lovely wife, Mavis, and they are blessed with four sons John, Henry, Elisha and Elijah [twins] and a daughter, Emily.