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Welcome to the website of ICGC Grace Tabernacle, Richmond, Virginia.

Thank you for visiting, and may this website enlighten you in a new dimension of your Kingdom life.

We are a branch of the International Central Gospel Church headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Pastor Mensah Otabil is the Founder and General Overseer.

The general ICGC mission is the Raising of Leaders, Shaping Vision and Influencing Society through Christ. This mission is based on Dr. Otabil`s signature message from Genesis 1: 26-28, where God`s utmost intention is for man to have DOMINION on earth and over all the other creations by observing the Four Laws: Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish and Subdue.

Grace Tabernacle considers itself as a Community of Sons of God, relentlessly seeking knowledge and opportunity to grow and serve as His Priests.

The significance of this local mission is in the fact that, in spite of the abundance of opportunities and the seemingly fertile environment for the acquisition of material wealth, there is also the distraction of materialism and other vices , which are contrary to God`s kingdom culture.

These distractions retard a Christian`s ability to subdue through positive influence, and thus the result is stress, vexation and discontentment.

We believe that, as a community, we need to practice Acts 2:42 and consciously aspire to 1 Timothy: 3, which we consider the criteria for the New Covenant Priesthood. Whiles being diligent with our individual vocations, each one of us can have Good Success and Rest, serving God and Society with our Gifts and Talents (Becoming the Priests of Our Generation).

If you are in the vicinity and have not found a church family that is making you a positive influence, we invite you to come and experience the power of God in our midst and together, let us grow into our Priesthood.